Camino Gardens Boca Raton Homes for Sale

Camino Gardens Boca Raton features more than 421 single-family, ranch-style houses in East Boca Raton. About 40% of the homes are situated on the waterfront and some include private docks.  This boating community is located just minutes from downtown Boca Raton and the ocean. This is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in East Boca Raton with its many excellent schools, proximity to the best shopping centers, the beaches and I-95.

Whether you prefer the beach or boating lifestyle or enjoying all the culture and amenities that  Boca Raton has for you, you will have the best of all worlds here. In addition, Camino Gardens Boca Raton is located 30 minutes South of Palm Beach and 30 minutes North of Fort Lauderdale.  You can experience all that these exciting cities of So. Florida have to offer.

Camino Gardens Boca Raton has a very special rich history. In 1951, it was John Pedersen’s vision to create a theme park.  Of the 350-acre palmetto patch that he bought at auction from the town of Boca Raton for $25 an acre, John Pedersen created “Africa U.S.A.” The 177 acres of the northern portion is now known as Camino Gardens. John Pedersen imported exotic fruit trees and shrubs from all over the world.  In 1952, his son, Jack, crossed the South Atlantic to bring in a cargo of about a hundred animals from Kenya and Tanganyika Territory. The Opening Day of “Africa, U.S.A.” in 1953 was filled with fanfare and hoopla as local dignitaries welcomed this new attraction to Boca Raton. The site drew over 2000 visitors a day.

The park was one of America’s best-known tourist attractions for eight years, but was closed in 1961. The following month Pedersen sold his 177 acres to developers. This is now the site of Camino Gardens Boca Raton. Some of the ambiance of the park still remains today among the lush trees and beautiful landscape.

In March 2003, The Camino Gardens Association placed a plaque to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Africa USA. The plaque reads as follows;  “At this site in 1953, John D. Pedersen and his family established “Africa USA,” a major Boca Raton tourist attraction for nearly a decade.  Dedicated by the Camino Gardens Association in March 2003 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Africa, USA.”

Read about the detailed history of Africa U.S.A. at

Whether you’re looking for Boca Raton homes for sale, or Camino Gardens homes for sale specifically, you’ll surely find a very special place to call home.

When you’re ready to work with a professional, take advantage of my Boca Raton and Camino Gardens market knowledge to streamline your home purchase.  Call me at 561-251-7252, or use the form below to send an email!


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